Since the beginning of autumn 2014 Executive Health offer our screening customers the opportunity to participate in our pilot project on wearables, or so-called activity trackers. With the help of small portable scientifically validated monitors it is possible to get a detailed data collection concerning the customer’s daily physical activity (or inactivity).

As a screening customer at Executive Health you are now offered the chance to wear our scientifically validated device for about a week. After you have returned the device to the clinic, the data will be analyzed by our researcher Mikael Andersson. Mikael is a physiotherapist with a PhD and in his research he has a lot of experience from working with medically validated wearables. Mikael’s analysis is then related to the potential findings obtained from your screening examination and your eventual heredity/ family history of certain diseases or risk factors.

By this highly individualized process, you will be able to find out if you do exercise in the way that is optimal based on your specific needs.

Sammanfattande bild av kunder som deltagit i Wearable Health-projektet
Antal matdagar (medel) 8 8 8
Ålder (år) 46+9,6 45 ar 46 ar
Andel kvinnor (%) 35% 100% 0%
Tid i medelintensiv aktivitet 1h 31min 1h 12min 1h 42 min
Antal steg (medel/dag) 9 819 steg 10 199 steg 9 621 steg
Antal steg (totalt under mätperioden) 78 554 steg 85 438 steg 75 415 steg
Daglig distans (medel) 9,2 km 9.5 km 9.5 km
Distans (totalt under perioden) 72,4 km 74 km 72 km
Uppfylier rekommenderad aktivitetsmängd (%) 91% 100% 87%
Uppvisar stilasittande perioder (%) 71% 83% 65%
Höga blodfetter 34% 33% 35%
Åderförfettning/plack 14% 0% 22%
Högt blodtryck 3% 0% 4%
Ärftlg risk hjärt-kärlsjukdom 9% 8% 9%
Ärftlg risk cancer 3% 0% 4%
Övriga risker, tex. Bukfetma 6% 0% 9%
Arttiga riskfaktorer betyder att kunden uppgivit att fordldrar har/haft ndgot halsobesvar som | sig kan pverkas av fysisk aktivitet.