At our Clinic you will find Europe's most advanced and safe health examination in order to detect diseases before they cause serious health problems and when they are still easy to treat. Our experienced doctors use the latest technology to examine each aspect of your health in detail, such as your heart, arteries, abdomen and brain. The earlier you can get the correct diagnosis, the higher the chances of successful treatment and a continued long and healthy life.
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The earlier the intervention in the disease process, the better the chances of success in treatment. A large proportion of those who die from cancer would have survived if the cancer would have been discovered in time. The same is true for many who die from a heart attack. It is a well-known fact that about half of those who die from a heart attack never had any symptoms prior to the attack. Therefore, it is essential to identify the risk factors before they become a problem. This is one of the goals of our examination.
Premium screening
The complete health examination Executive Premium screening takes about 6 hours.
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Heart screening
By far the most comprehensive cardiovascular examination – Executive Heart Screening is suitable if you have a history of cardiovascular diseases in the family.
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START screening
For those younger than 40 years, we offer an age-relevant examination – Executive Start Screening. The examination takes 3 ½ hours and is focused on the heart and arteries.
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All the examinations, tests and check-ups that were done made me feel reassured that nothing was left to chance. This was a truly comprehensive health examination. My doctor, Dr. Strandberg, took all the time in the world during the investigation and eventually to explain the details of the test results. The feeling of knowing that I was more or less 100 percent healthy was indescribable, and I feel a great confidence that the clinic can find anything that can be found.
Suzanne Linnander
The reason I did the examination at Executive Health was that I want to take all the opportunities that are available to ensure my health. I am aware of my health, but living a busy life I do not always have the time to do what I know is best for myself.
Johan Skarborg
Although I always felt good, healthy and decently fit, I thought it might as well be wise to make a major “overhaul” of my health so that any possible defect could be (hopefully) corrected in time.
Clas Ebler
MD, specialist in internal medicine and cardiovascular diseases, former director of department in Norrtälje
Lars Erik Strandberg
MD, specialist in general medicine
Carl Wendel
MD, PhD, specialist in general medicine
Anders Dahlstedt
MD, associate professor, specialist in orthopedics, former director of department at Danderyd Hospital, Stockholm
MD, specialists in orthopedics with focus on sport’s medicine
MD, PhD, specialist in radiology, former director of department at the Karolinska Hospital in Solna
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