Scientifically Validated
Genetic Testing

Ever since the opening in 2008 a beacon for Executive Health’s activities has been to only use diagnostic methods where the value has been scientifically proven. For that reason, we have awaited to offer DNA analysis to our clients. In the past year we have received strong support that we have made the right decision when it comes to genetic tests. In November 2013 FDA urged the DNA company 23andMe to stop promoting their products since they have not been able to provide scientific evidence that this type of DNA analysis has the medical value they claim they have.

The gene test that 23andMe and some actors in the screening business offers still today costs barely a thousand Swedish Kronor. To perform genetic tests that has a medical value for real requires advanced technology and a lot of time and thus costs accordingly. These tests are eventually only economically feasible to do if there is a specific issue concerning a single disease which is of particular relevance.

In case such type of analysis would be of interest, Executive Health can offer a consultation with our specialist in medical genetics, Eva Rudd, MD, PhD.