Welcome to our clinic on Blasieholmen in Stockholm near the Grand Hôtel and Nationalmuseum. During the 6-hour examination, we will examine you from head to toe, to detect any diseases and give you a detailed picture of your present health status.

Prior to the visit, you will fill out a health declaration submitted before the examination. In the declaration you will answer questions about your lifestyle, past illnesses and diseases in the family. A quiet room of your own is at your disposal during your stay. At your room you can change your clothes prior to the blood sampling, taken on an empty stomach. So be sure not to eat or drink after midnight before the examination. After the blood and urine samplings there are four MRI examinations, an hour-long conversation with the doctor, resting ECG, exercise ECG, ultrasound of the heart, throat and groin artery, bone mineral density measurements and a lung function study.

Food and drink
A glass of juice is all that is allowed prior to the MRI examination; afterwards a nice breakfast is waiting for you. For lunch you will be served lovely prepared food from one of the neighborhood restaurants. All meals are served in your room.