The reason I did the examination at Executive Health was that I want to take all the opportunities that are available to ensure my health. I am aware of my health, but living a busy life I do not always have the time to do what I know is best for myself.
Johan Skarborg, President Academic Work
All the examinations, tests and check-ups that were done made me feel reassured that nothing was left to chance. This was a truly comprehensive health examination. My doctor, Dr. Strandberg, took all the time in the world during the investigation and eventually to explain the details of the test results. The feeling of knowing that I was more or less 100 percent healthy was indescribable, and I feel a great confidence that the clinic can find anything that can be found.
Suzanne Linnander, Lincap AB

Although I always felt good, healthy and decently fit, I thought it might as well be wise to make a major “overhaul” of my health so that any possible defect could be (hopefully) corrected in time.

I was actually a little nervous before the presentation of the results. When the doctor told me to take a deep breath and relax, you’re still a winner, it felt nice but a little bit disturbing. It turned out that my cholesterol was too high. At the ultrasound test of my carotid arteries, it also turned out that I had the precursor to plaque formation. When the doctor said that if I had waited for 7 years, the situation might not have been so bright, I came to think of my mother who had the same problem and who died due to stroke.

Clas Ebler CEO Net AB