Why do an examination?
To reduce the risk of premature death. The examination makes it easier to take responsibility for your health and wellbeing. Moreover, your situation very often implies a big responsibility towards your family and/or your business.
Who should do the examination?
Everyone, but especially those who have an inherited burden of serious diseases such as cancer, stroke or heart attack, those approaching 50 years and who knows that they have a stressful job, smoke or have other risk factors.
How often do you do the examination?
It depends on your age and risk factors, if you are over 50, we recommend every 4 years. Please consult our doctor about the time interval that is appropriate for you.
Do I really want to know the results?

We are only looking for diseases that have a good chance to be cured if detected at an early stage. In one out of 20, we will find a potentially life-threatening disease that must be addressed, and in 3 of 10, we find a previously unknown serious ailment. Many see the examination as a natural way to increase the possibility of a long and healthy life. To feel a certain ambivalence towards such a comprehensive health assessment that we offer is not at all unusual, quite the opposite. Other screening tests that have been available for a long time, such as mammograms, can also arouse the same kind of feelings even among women in the target group.

But I have a health insurance; do I need an Executive Health examination then?
A health insurance is good to have when you become ill and are undergoing treatment. An Executive Health Examination detects diseases even before you have symptoms. You are thus one step ahead, increasing your chances of being healthy.
I have travelled to the U.S. to do a screening on an annual basis. Are you as good as they are?
Executive Health uses exactly the same technology and has the same knowledge that the U.S. clinics have. Our Swedish doctors all have more than 20 years of experience. Swedish healthcare is regarded among the best in the world.
Have you had physicians as customers?
Yes, we have physicians as customers, including oncologists.
Why should I as an entrepreneur choose this examination?
It is important that key persons do not suffer from serious illness, longer periods of sick leave and long rehabilitation. This will both save money and avoid suffering. If the employer pays for the examination of their employees, the employee is not taxed for this.
Will I know I’m one hundred percent healthy if I do the examination?
No, you cannot get any guarantees that you are hundred percent healthy. The Executive Health Examination is the most advanced examination available today and the probability is very high that you’ll find a serious disease if you suffer from one. But you cannot be one hundred percent sure.